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KEYNOTE PANEL – The Future of Conversational Robots

KEYNOTE – Wednesday 26 April 
09:00 – 10:00

Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Jibo social robots promise to enable users to perform many useful tasks, including control devices connected with the internet such as home appliances and industrial robots; educate and train users with self-improvement activities; entertain users with passive and active games and activities; perform transactions such as pay bills; shop for goods and services; solve problems such as diagnose illnesses; debug and repair products; calculate taxes; mediate conflicts; and protect and secure home and business. This panel begins with short demonstrations of products, followed by a discussion of issues such as these: What is a conversational robot and how do they differ from other current interactive technologies? What capabilities do conversational robots have beyond just searching the web, answering questions, and presenting information? How can you replace negative perceptions of robots with positive insights? What technologies, tools, and standards will to enable widespread creation and distribution of content for conversational robots?

Presented by: Leor Grebler, Sunil Vemuri, Roberto Pieraccini

C302: Business Intelligence: The Most Meaningful Metrics

Track C: METRICS – Wednesday 26 April 
11:45 – 12:30

Contact centers across all verticals and all sizes struggle to decide which metrics are the most meaningful data to track trends and use as indicators of customer satisfaction and omni-channel application performance. This presentation examines which metrics most clearly indicate customer experience, health, and perfor-mance of applications and how business leaders can incorporate these metrics into their long-term strategy.

Presented by: Deborah Rapsinski