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KEYNOTE PANEL – The Way Forward: Keeping Speech in the Conversation

KEYNOTE – Tuesday 25 April 
09:00 – 10:00

A panel of longtime speech technology specialists delivers contrasting views on the role of speech technology in the world of conversational commerce. This highly popular panel starts with the question, “Are you long on speech” as a preferred user interface, then discusses where, how, and why it will coexist, augment, or enhance a plethora of smart user interfaces for digital commerce and self-service.

Presented by: Dan Miller, Jay Wilpon, Brian Garr, William Meisel, Daniel Hong

C201: The Cooperative Principle in Conversation Design

Track C: VIXD – Tuesday 25 April 
10:45 – 11:30

To the surprise of many technologists, verbal cooperation flouts the rules of math and formal logic—the game of conversation is played with a different set of rules. Come find out what they are, and rethink the rules of grammar design and error repair, how to help users know what to say, how to accommodate users’ diverse communication styles, and how to improve the perception of your application and brand in the minds of everyday people who talk and listen to machines.

Presented by: James Giangola

C202: In Conversation, There Are No Errors

Track C: VIXD – Tuesday 25 April 
11:45 – 12:30

When interacting with a virtual assistant, the centerpiece of the user’s experience is the conversation itself. This means that each “error” is an opportunity for the designer to forge a meaningful exchange between the virtual assistant and user. Let’s leverage users’ mental models of how everyday conversations unfold in the negotiation of meaning. Learn how to frame a new way of approaching conversation design, in which so-called errors become organic turns in the dialogue—moving conversational design forward naturally.

Presented by: Nandini Stocker

KEYNOTE LUNCH – From IVR to IoT: Digital Transformation in the Real World

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
12:30 – 13:45

Does it seem like all the businesses around you are hurtling toward digital transformation at warp speed, while you’re still trying to figure out where to begin? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! This presentation provided fresh insights into a more holistic (and more human) approach to digital transformation—an approach that has the potential to change your customers’ lives, not just your technologies.

Presented by: Allyson Boudousquie

C203: Digital Assistant With Co-Pilot Expertise

Track C: VIXD – Tuesday 25 April 
13:45 – 14:30

Despite state-issued bans, the use of cellphones while driving is on the rise. How can we manage proper access to smartphone services while driving? Learn how smart, context-aware digital assistants with co-pilot expertise estimate the level of driving risk; evaluate driver attention and ability to respond to emergencies; interact with the driver, knowing when to speak or not; and inform and coach drivers to minimize risks and improve their performance.

Presented by: Malgorzata Stys

C204: Conversational Turn-Taking & Social Robotics

Track C: VIXD – Tuesday 25 April 
14:45 – 15:30

Calling a company and dealing with a system-initiated IVR is the extent of most people’s experience interacting with a spoken dialogue system. This will change with social robots. What is the etiquette when conversing with a robot? Who talks when? What are the boundaries of acceptable things to say? With each evolutionary step forward, the rules of turn-taking shift. We focus on the fascinating challenges faced by the Jibo design team while creating the foundations for a human-robot conversation.

Presented by: Jonathan Bloom

C205: Business Case Studies

Track C: VIXD – Tuesday 25 April 
16:15 – 17:15

How an AI Powered Conversational Interface Altered the Relationship With Our Customers

The RBC Conversational Customer Care Virtual Assistant was designed to boost automation, minimize advisor-to-advisor transfers, improve customer satisfaction with conversational dialogues, and use voice biometrics for user authentication. Taking a holistic approach for conversational customer care, everything is deployed on a single platform with a single knowledgebase, able to work over all available channels, and able to connect to real human agents when necessary to complete the goal of servicing 100% of customer requests on the first interaction.

Presented by: David Kapauan

How NLU Is Making a Difference at First Energy

Utility customers used our old IVR system to report outages, pay bills, hear balances, provide meter readings, start or stop services, and more. To self-serve as many callers as possible and intelligently transfer other callers, we replaced the existing directed dialogue with NLU. Learn how we uncovered and resolved problems including utterances that were bucketed incorrectly, callers who were being reprompted at the SLM too many times, and disambiguation questions that weren’t clear.

Presented by: Mary Alsayegh, Kristie Flenord