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Speeding to Success: Quantifying the Customer Experience

Welcome & Opening Keynote – Monday 24 April 
08:45 – 09:45

How do you truly measure the quality of the customer experience you are delivering? How do you know you’re getting better? Amazon and Google know that the answers to these questions involve helping customers get stuff done as quickly as possible. Task completion gets you in the right ballpark, but it is speed that wins you the game of excellent customer experience. This keynote stresses how the relentless pursuit of customer convenience drives customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth. Learn how to speed to success by measuring your results.

Presented by: Gerry McGovern

C101: Conversational Interfaces & the Future of Customer Interaction

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
10:15 – 11:00

Conversational interfaces are quickly becoming an essential component of every service and product. This session presents approaches for emerging UX challenges in its conversational agent platform, the opportunities in the customer interaction space, and the future of conversation agents. Vemuri introduces the Google Assistant, its various surfaces (Google Home, Pixel), and the vision behind it. He then discusses designing for conversational experiences, and how the Assistant allows for omni-channel customer support.

Presented by: Sunil Vemuri

C102: Driving Enterprise Success through Conversational Virtual Assistants

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
11:15 – 12:00

In today’s digital age, customers expect immediate and accurate results, even when the request is phrased with natural language. By using artificial intelligence, virtual assistants can not only provide highly accurate responses and carry-out repetitive transactions, but also can change in context and respond accordingly. Conversational chatbot, complex requests today can easily be understood and broken into several steps to create a strong self-service experience

Presented by: Jordi Torras

KEYNOTE LUNCH: How Chatbots Are Ushering in the Era of the Digital Employee

12:15 – 13:15

Imagine if you could hire someone who learns quickly. Someone who is always available (24x7x365), doesn’t require overtime pay, and will never ask for a wage increase. Someone who could not only help scale your service organization, but could also make your existing employees better at their jobs. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Learn how a digital employee can provide immense value to organizations by managing repetitive tasks, freeing agents to focus on higher-value customer-centric activities, improving the routing of questions to answers, changing the dynamic of how you manage your workforce, and much more.

Presented by: Joe Gagnon

C103: Creating an Effective Company Digital Assistant

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
13:15 – 14:00

Conversational digital assistants and bots ease customers’ contact with a company and are increasingly as important as a website. However, there are many alternatives: voice or text-based “bots” for messenger services or independent digital assistants delivered by website or mobile app. This talk outlines a structure and series of questions a company should ask to evaluate these alternatives, producing an effective result for both the company and its customers with the most efficient development process.

Presented by: William Meisel

C104: Hey Siri, Should I Have My Own Branded Intelligent Assistant?

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
14:15 – 15:00

Intelligent assistants are becoming pervasive as consumers use them as an interface to their mobile device or connected home. Should you create your own branded intelligent assistant? What are the major trends with intelligent assistants? How is the market for intelligent assistants maturing? Should you create a single intelligent assistant that is accessible across a variety of channels? What technologies are involved in creating an IA? How do you get started?

Presented by: Phil Gray

C105: Making VUI Designers Out of Thousands of Developers

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
15:15 – 16:00

VUI design as a discipline has been largely shrouded in mystery – a veritable black box of expertise understood by few but intriguing to many. But as voice interactions and conversational interfaces are quickly becoming an essential component of every service and product, how do you make good VUI design available to all developers? We present a strategy for cultivating VUI excellence across our entire industry’s ecosystem via scalable knowledge transfer and tools for developers and describe what we’ve learned while making designers out of thousands of developers.

Presented by: Nandini Stocker

Solution Sessions – Omilia

Track C: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – Monday 24 April 
16:15 – 17:00

See presentations about some of the latest technological developments in speech technology from companies at the conference. Solution Sessions are open to all full conference attendees and Discovery Pass holders. Session details will be posted shortly, so check back soon. Follow #SpeechTEK on Twitter for updates.

Live Demo of Omni-Channel Conversational Intelligence in Action

In conjunction with the presentation of the case study by Royal Bank of Canada, Omilia will be showcasing a live demonstration of its omni-channel conversational platform and discussing the business and technical KPIs and metrics used to measure performance and ROI.

Presented by: Dimitris Vassos