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Speeding to Success: Quantifying the Customer Experience

Welcome & Opening Keynote – Monday 24 April 
08:45 – 09:45

How do you truly measure the quality of the customer experience you are delivering? How do you know you’re getting better? Amazon and Google know that the answers to these questions involve helping customers get stuff done as quickly as possible. Task completion gets you in the right ballpark, but it is speed that wins you the game of excellent customer experience. This keynote stresses how the relentless pursuit of customer convenience drives customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth. Learn how to speed to success by measuring your results.

Presented by: Gerry McGovern

B101: Achieving Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Virtual Assistance

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
10:15 – 11:00

This session describes how to engage and guide clients through digital transformation. What are the costs, security implications, and other special considerations when designing virtual assistants? How can you architect a configurable and reusable virtual assistant pipeline using open source tools and APIs? How can you enhance virtual assistant intelligence with search, recommendation, and semantic technologies? See a live demonstration of an omni-channel digital campsite booking experience. The demo seamlessly moves from the Amazon Echo to a web-based chatbot and then to a mobile phone assistant.

Presented by: Sumeet Vij

B102: Defining the Digital Customer Journey & Owning the Micro-Moment

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
11:15 – 12:00

This presentation describes how to create a technical framework and vision for customer journeys in an omni-channel environment using IVR, mobile apps, text, and chat-based interactions. It also looks at how to own the micro-moment (defined as the instant when customers determine preferences and make decisions). See real-world examples of how companies deploy the technology, services, solutions, and platforms needed to bring next-generation customer journeys to life with insights attendees can readily apply to their own enterprises.

Presented by: Tara Kelly

KEYNOTE LUNCH: How Chatbots Are Ushering in the Era of the Digital Employee

12:15 – 13:15

Imagine if you could hire someone who learns quickly. Someone who is always available (24x7x365), doesn’t require overtime pay, and will never ask for a wage increase. Someone who could not only help scale your service organization, but could also make your existing employees better at their jobs. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Learn how a digital employee can provide immense value to organizations by managing repetitive tasks, freeing agents to focus on higher-value customer-centric activities, improving the routing of questions to answers, changing the dynamic of how you manage your workforce, and much more.

Presented by: Joe Gagnon

B103: Modernize Your IVR, Get Ready for Digital Self-Service

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
13:15 – 14:00

Everyone is talking about digital self-service—omni-channel, mobile, chatbots, AI, etc. Companies need a solid foundation before they begin adding the latest bells and whistles to meet the digital customer (millennial or not) at eye level. This talk shows examples of how existing IVR systems can be enhanced to introduce advanced concepts such as context continuity, caller intent prediction, and adaptive intelligence, while using channels, such as SMS, to improve the effectiveness of IVR.

Presented by: Tobias Goebel

B104: IVR to Digital Journeys—The New Landscape

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
14:15 – 15:00

Digital presence includes virtual agents, chatbots, and chat agents that can pick up a conversation with context and deflect some calls away from the call center. However, deflection is often oversimplified, and usability is often overlooked. We explore use cases for a deflection to a digital channel and learn about the usability aspects of these experiences. We discuss good and poor use cases, as well as what constitutes a useful transition experience.

Presented by: Samrat Baul

B105: Chat Is the Failure of Digital Self-Service

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
15:15 – 16:00

When users fail to obtain the information they need from websites or IVR systems, they try chat. Customers expect to obtain the same, up-to-date information from all channels. A design to optimize success in self-service includes a conversational interface and multiple understanding resources. Digital virtual assistants should assist the customer journey at every step, not steer them down a different path.

Presented by: Mary McKenna

Solution Sessions – Convergys

Track B: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Monday 24 April 
16:15 – 17:00

See presentations about some of the latest technological developments in speech technology from companies at the conference. Solution Sessions are open to all full conference attendees and Discovery Pass holders. Session details will be posted shortly, so check back soon. Follow #SpeechTEK on Twitter for updates.

Explore Live Demo: Taking Control of Your Digital Transformation

Don’t be a casualty of the digital revolution. Learn how you can develop a strategy that lets you adopt new technologies at your own pace, measure their success, and make necessary adjustments—without putting your brand at risk. This session will feature a live demonstration of an omnichannel technology implementation.

Presented by: Allyson Boudousquie