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KEYNOTE PANEL – The Way Forward: Keeping Speech in the Conversation

KEYNOTE – Tuesday 25 April 
09:00 – 10:00

A panel of longtime speech technology specialists delivers contrasting views on the role of speech technology in the world of conversational commerce. This highly popular panel starts with the question, “Are you long on speech” as a preferred user interface, then discusses where, how, and why it will coexist, augment, or enhance a plethora of smart user interfaces for digital commerce and self-service.

Presented by: Dan Miller, Jay Wilpon, Brian Garr, William Meisel, Daniel Hong

A201: What Is So New About Chatbots?

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
10:45 – 11:30

Chatbots have been hailed as an important new human/machine interface that will replace apps and traditional IVR systems. What is new about today’s chatbots? How are they different from previous chatbots such as 50-year-old Eliza, from VoiceXML dialogue systems, and from embodied conversational agents? Is there a danger that developers of today’s chatbots will ignore lessons learned from the past and are in danger of reinventing the wheel unnecessarily?

Presented by: Michael McTear

A202: Unified Natural Language for Messaging Bots and IVRs

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
11:45 – 12:30

Natural language (NL) democratization is happening at a dizzying pace with the advent of text bots (chatbots or virtual agents). Most messaging bots cannot deliver a high level of NL accuracy that is table stakes for enterprise IVRs. Learn how a unified technology stack can leverage the same NL models for both chat bots and IVRs and meet and exceed enterprise NL accuracy expectations. Emphasis will be on statistical language models, statistical semantic interpreter, and predictive technology that further enhances NL intent accuracy for both IVRs and bots.

Presented by: Tajinder Singh

KEYNOTE LUNCH – From IVR to IoT: Digital Transformation in the Real World

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
12:30 – 13:45

Does it seem like all the businesses around you are hurtling toward digital transformation at warp speed, while you’re still trying to figure out where to begin? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! This presentation provided fresh insights into a more holistic (and more human) approach to digital transformation—an approach that has the potential to change your customers’ lives, not just your technologies.

Presented by: Allyson Boudousquie

A203: Voice Services in the World of Bots

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
13:45 – 14:30

Conversational commerce now spans apps, virtual agents, and services offered through smartphones, home electronics, automobiles, public kiosks, and elsewhere. This talk describes real-world use cases that integrate speech processing with natural language understanding, analytics, knowledge management, and other enterprise infrastructure. Hear how conversational commerce is taking shape. Learn how the world of apps, virtual agents, and smartphone services relates to each other. Will they compete or cooperate? Will they integrate into some new powerful capability?

Presented by: Dan Miller

A204: Speech in the Connected Car: Embedded Versus the Cloud

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
14:45 – 15:30

The speech experience in the car is transforming from basic command and control to natural interactions with automated assistants. This presentation explores the current embedded speech experience in the car, both inside and outside of the cloud. We then consider cloud-only solutions. Finally, we discuss the optimum speech experience for the driver, and what’s required to achieve this optimum experience. These implications may apply to other mobile devices and the IoT.

Presented by: Tom Schalk

A205: Medical Case Studies

Track A: BOTS – Tuesday 25 April 
16:15 – 17:15

Treating Cancer: Improving Healthcare Outcomes With Digital Platforms & Live Visual Assistance

Learn how healthcare organizations and research institutions (including a university college of nursing, cancer transplant center, and primary children’s hospital) leverage digital and telecare platforms to empower patients to adhere to a medication regimen, provide adherence visibility to caregivers, and support messaging and visual “telecare” services. The goals are to improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs, improve population health by tracking medication adherence, and support healthy behavior through “voice with visuals” coaching.

Presented by: Prab Goriparthi, Theresa Szczurek

Learning & Assessment Identify Strengths in Autistic Students

Identifor is an innovative learning and assessment website and mobile application for individuals with autism at every level. It uses interactive online gamification and conversational interaction to identify unique abilities, skills, and interests of students. The games are fun and entertaining with results “translated” into core competencies and then made understandable to parents and educators. Identifor helps more than 2,000 students, parents, and educators. A new Life Coach companion app for special needs adults is under development.

Presented by: Brian Shivler, Cuong Do