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Adams, Jeff

Jeff Adams
Cobalt Speech & Language

Jeff Adams has been managing top-level speech & language technology research for 20 years, at Kurzweil AI, Nuance / Dragon, Yap, and Amazon, before founding Cobalt Speech & Language. He led the teams that developed the core technology for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Yap Voicemail, and Amazon Echo. Now, Cobalt’s team of elite speech scientists & engineers build custom applications to meet the needs of their clients. Jeff is the author of 25 patents and several published research papers.

Alsayegh, Mary

Mary Alsayegh
IT Project Manager, Contact Center Technology Analyst V
FirstEnergy Corp.

Mary Alsayegh is a Project Manager and IT Contact Center Technology Analyst at FirstEnergy Corp.  Mary has designed IVR applications and customer system interfaces for 20 years and implemented the first speech enabled IVR for FirstEnergy in 2005.  Mary co-authored a white paper, Contact Center Strategy for IVR Improvements, which provided the business case for a Natural Language project.  For the past two years, Mary has managed a project to upgrade the IVR platform and application to implement Natural Language as a call steering interface to route callers directly to their requested destination, either an existing IVR application location or an appropriately skilled agent.

Attwater, David

David Attwater
Senior Scientist
Enterprise Integraton Gru
Enterprise Integration Group

David has over 17 years of experience of speech and touch-tone user interface design and test.  David has a specific focus on customer usability testing and is an acknowledged expert in the design and test of natural language solutions for customer service.

Baldwin, Larry

Larry Baldwin
Manager, Voice Services
IBI Group

Larry is a 19 year veteran of the speech recognition industry. He started designing and deploying IVRs when speech reco was limited to numbers and yes & no. The industry has come a long way and Larry’s been there the whole way. Everything from simple and complex IVR interactions, voice enabled iPhone apps, in car infotainment systems and in home media management systems. He’s an inventor or co-inventor on multiple voice and multi-modal user interaction patents and is constantly pushing technology limitations to meet the next set of user expectations.

Baul, Samrat

Samrat Baul
Director, Application Design and Speech Analytics

Samrat Baul is a Multimodal and Mulichannel Design expert with over 14 years of experience designing applications for companies like American Express, USAA, United and Avis-Budget. He spent his years at Verizon and Tellme prior to [24]7. Samrat has a Master’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, India.

Beigi, Homayoon

Homayoon Beigi
Recognition Technologies, Inc.
Adjunct Prof., Columbia University, Depts. of Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering


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Homayoon Beigi earned his BS, MS, and PhD from Columbia University in 1984, 1985 and 1990 respectively. For over two decades, he has been involved in research and development in Biometrics, Pattern Recognition and Internet-Commerce. He has developed the award-winning RecoMadeEasy® Speaker Recognition and the multiple-award winning, CommerceMadeEasy® software. He has been an Adjunct Professor since 1995, teaching “Fundamentals of Speaker Recognition, “Applied Signal Recognition,” “Speech and Handwriting Recognition,” and “Digital Control Systems” at the CS, ME, and EE departments of Columbia University. He was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center from 1991 to 2001, working on Speaker Recognition, ASR, LM, Search, Handwriting Recognition, Control, and NN Learning. He developed the SAFE Audio ANSI standard and was an active liaison in the US delegation of the ISO/SC37-JTC1-WG3 and the VoiceXML Forum on Speaker Biometrics. His other research includes Image Compression, Kinematics, Financial Optimization, and Zero-Gravity Fluid Dynamics. He is the author of the first textbook on Speaker Recognition, entitled, “Fundamentals of Speaker Recognition”, a recipient of two IEEE best paper awards and ten issued patents. He is an Associate Editor of the AutoSoft Journal, the Editor of the BISC Handwriting Recognition Chapter, a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Advisory Board Committee member of the IEEE Spectrum, and a reviewer for many Journal and conferences including the Pattern Recognition Journal, the IEEE PAMI, the IEEE Trans. on NN, the IET Signal Processing Journal, the International Journal of Control, the AIAA Journal, ICASSP, and Interspeech.

Bliss, David

David Bliss
Principal Design Technologist


As a Founder and Technical Director of two successful digital design agencies and an architecture school graduate, David has extensive experience with both design and technology. As a result, he is able to effectively bridge these two worlds, simultaneously bringing a human-centered approach to software development and technical innovation to the design process.

At Amazon, David works with a team of Design Technologists and other UX disciplines to design and prototype customer experiences for Amazon devices.

Boudousquie, Allyson

Allyson Boudousquie
VP Market & Product Strategy

A popular speaker, published author, and subject matter expert on customer experience, Allyson brings a practical perspective to her role as Senior Director of Market Strategy, Product Management and R&D at Convergys. Her team is responsible for the market strategy and development of Convergys’ omnichannel interaction suite, which includes voice, mobile, agent desktop, and proactive communication solutions, as well as the new Customer Interaction Hub. Prior to joining Convergys, Allyson helped manage the collections practice for the second-largest financial institution in the United States, was Director of Business Process Marketing for a leading software company, and led the product marketing team for the launch of a software suite that included workforce management, recording and quality management, performance management, campaign management, agent coaching, and eLearning solutions.