STKU-3: Natural Language Understanding for Chatbots: Issues & Solutions

SpeechTEK University – Sunday 23 April 
13:30 – 16:30

In order to provide a flexible and intelligent service to users, chatbots must be able to understand natural language text and to engage in conversational interaction. The first part of this tutorial introduces a range of natural language understanding (NLU) technologies and highlights those that are particularly relevant for chatbot developers. The second part of the tutorial provides a hands-on exploration of the tools. was acquired by Google in 2016 and is being used to provide NLU and conversational capabilities for Google Assistant. Learn how to use to parse messages into structured data, to predict the next actions to be performed by your bot, and to create slot-filling dialogues. Bring your laptops to develop a sample chatbot.

Presented by: Michael McTear