STKU-1: Natural Language Understanding

SpeechTEK University – Sunday 23 April 
13:30 – 16:30

Natural language interaction with automated agents in call centers, with chatbots, and virtual assistants on mobile devices is becoming more and more common. Through developer tools such as Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson, the Alexa Skills Kit, and Nuance Mix, natural language understanding capabilities are becoming increasingly accessible to developers who want to provide natural interfaces to their applications. In addition, new developments in machine learning such as Deep Learning are leading to rapid improvements in the technology. This workshop covers three topics in natural language interaction. First, we review the spectrum of different types of natural language applications. Then, we look at the technologies that underlie natural language interaction. Finally, we review the natural language understanding development process and work hands-on with some of the current development tools. Attendees are welcome to bring their own ideas for applications for discussion. Bring your laptops.

Presented by: Deborah Dahl